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GDPR: Countdown to Compliance Has Begun

Posted by Ellie Hughes on 26-May-2017 10:20:59

D-Day: 25th May 2018. A date many businesses up and down the country have etched in red on their calendars. The day the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect . . . whether we’re ready or not.

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Digital Marketing Jargon Buster

Posted by Lydia Whitney on 04-May-2017 15:29:20

At Precision Marketing Group, we work on projects for some of the UK’s leading businesses and charities. From website development and social media, to direct mailers and product launch campaigns, we cover a wide range of marketing areas both online and off. With this we use, and hear A LOT of marketing terms.

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No. 10 Downing-Tweet - How Social Media Is Changing The Face Of Political Communication

Posted by Victoria Driver on 28-Apr-2017 11:59:00

SNAP! So Britain will head to the polls again on June 8th to answer Theresa May’s surprise early election call. Following on the back of the historic Brexit vote and the not so distant 2015 General Election, the polling booth is beginning to feel like a second home. Politics has utilised various methods of coercion, influence and message delivery for centuries of course, but in this communication age . . . how will those spin doctors be giving us our medication? 

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How To Write Emails Peoples Respond To…

Posted by Lydia Whitney on 26-Apr-2017 12:04:27

There are two types of people; those who religiously read emails and those who simply don’t.

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Make The Most Out of Trade Shows

Posted by Lydia Whitney on 04-Apr-2017 15:12:40

We’re no strangers to the odd trade show here and there and if we were truthful, most of us feel a certain element of dread when approaching a trade show. Long tiring days and even longer nights preparing for the subsequent days/dismantling your stand, but it is worth bearing in mind that trade shows can be a very powerful marketing tool and valuable lead generators for your business.

From providing instrumental visibility to your potential client, to giving your brand more authority, exhibiting at a trade show has a number of opportunities to branch out to business-to-business trading, and create/increase your customer database.

However, a lot of businesses are put off because of the large price tag that can sometimes be attached. Of course, you can’t just pull up with a laptop and handful of samples, expecting to wow the crowd. If you want to get noticed, some advance planning is in order to master the art of trade show trade shows.

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Access Pharmacy: How Do People Want To Receive Marketing Messages?

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 22-Mar-2017 14:23:48

The art of communicating:

1. Tell the truth. Don’t lie or turn the truth upside down

2. Don’t exaggerate

3. Be consistent

This means no double-talk: speaking about something in one way to one person and in an opposite way to another for selfish and manipulative reasons.

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Could A Digital Pharmacy Marketing Platform Replace The Traditional Sales Representative?

Posted by Ellie Hughes on 13-Mar-2017 10:30:00

Does front of shop sales provide an opportunity for growth?

For 1 in 3 pharmacies, front of shop sales currently only represents 10%, or less, of sales. About half (53%) of this is for OTC medicines, and this percentage remains roughly the same, irrespective of whether the pharmacy receives a visit from a sales representative.

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6 Reasons You Need To Use Video Marketing In 2017

Posted by Lydia Whitney on 21-Feb-2017 12:28:04

With the rise of 360-degree videos and Facebook Live, video in 2016 definitely saw a surge in popularity as an alternative form of marketing content. Because of this, experts predict that by the end of 2017, online video will account for 74% of all web traffic1.

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make your mailing list work

Posted by Sue Roochove on 16-Feb-2016 16:05:00

Your list or database is the single most important part of any direct marketing campaign – after all if you don’t know who you’re talking to, how will you know what to talk about?

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Top 10 best practices for direct mail

Posted by Sue Roochove on 11-Feb-2016 10:18:20

In our tech obsessed world of email, social media and instant messaging, our phones, tablets and computers are bombarded with ads and pop ups. Suddenly direct mail seems awfully quaint and something rather refreshing. 

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